Anna Kearney

Entrepreneur. Start-up Consultant. Creative Thinker

When I decided to make a break from my previous career I took a giant leap of faith in myself and I am proud to say I 100% pulled it off. My passion for supporting other individuals to launch their own businesses, be their own boss or have a career change, has lead to over 30 businesses in the Sheffield area alone being launched.

The journey of development from raw talent and ideas to successful entrepreneurship and practised skill is from having done a lot of trail and error already! Failure creates the biggest gains but why not jump that step and move straight to success, that where working with me, gives small business and individuals the competitive edge.

I have worked on projects with the above companies and have delivered:

  • Business Development
  • Start Up Consultancy
  • Website Building and SEO management
  • Customer Service and Product Realisation
  • Social Media Strategy and Marketing
  • Mentoring and Training

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When not working hard I'm travelling, reading or learning something new in the gym! My favourite city has been Geneva and next on my list is Naples. And my favourite lift so far is the chin up!